Selasa, 28 November 2017

Caveman Diet Plan - Top Benefits of Using This Program

One of the most exciting diet programs out there goes by the name of caveman diet plan. Most people find the name intriguing and therefore want to try it out. As the name suggests, you are going to slim your weight by making use of a caveman diet, which is just another way of saying that you are going to do it naturally; hence the name 'caveman'.

Going back to the roots:

For those who are looking for an effective way to improve their health, this is a great way to get you started. The program makes use of natural foods which have not been processed. It is therefore a sure-shot way of reducing your pounds while still maintaining a healthy body. Most of the weight loss programs today promise heaven but fail to deliver even earth! They are full of extraordinary diets which either give you a bad shape or leave you half-starved to death. Not so with the caveman diet plan which ensures that you eat in a healthy way to a slimmer body. This is because of the fact that it uses those foods which our forefathers used to eat in those pre-historic times when even the word technology had not been invented yet.

This implies that most of the meals that you will be taking are those which are both easy to digest as well as the ones which do not necessitate cooking. As with every rule, there is an exception here too; meat will have to be cooked as its raw version is replete with bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.


Apart from its obvious benefit as a way to lose weight, this diet plan comes with other great advantages too. For one, your health is enhanced due to eating these healthy foods. One of the major factors which contribute to our ailing bodies and immune system is that most of the foods that we eat are junk food. You don't have to look far to find out that such kind of food is bad for you; the name itself 'junk' speaks volumes about such food. Secondly, you are bound to enjoy life for a longer period when you take this diet. You only need to look at the number of years that our ancestors were living for you to appreciate this diet program. It is therefore a guaranteed master plan for increasing your longevity.

Type of food:

Most of the foods that you will be taking include: fresh fruits, green vegetables and other kinds, lean meat and finally, nuts which are neither processed nor salted. Although the diet seems a bit strict on first glimpse, you will learn that you have a lot of room to maneuver. This is because there are so many varieties that you could come up with even on such few options; you only need to be creative and think outside the box.

In conclusion, the caveman diet plan takes you way back when obesity and health diseases were non-existent. By making use of this natural diet, you are following a tried and proven method which will help you to slim and attain a much healthier body.

Selasa, 14 November 2017

Three Ways to Get Ripped - Diet and Methods of Eating

The term "getting ripped" refers to the lean, shredded muscular look that people many people wish to obtain. You can relate this look to six-pack abs. When a person has six-pack abs, it means that they have a low body fat percentage as well as muscle definition. Achieving the ripped look is appealing, yet very difficult to do. For many, it is a matter of shedding excess weight and getting their body fat down low enough to have definition.

The key to having this look starts first with food. Eat the wrong food and you will have a very hard time. The wrong food generally consists of anything processed. These types of food can include anything made from white flour and refined sugar.

Sometimes the best way to get shredded is by getting a jump start on your weight loss goals. Below are three ways to do just that. Keep in mind these methods may not be considered the healthiest or safest so consult with your health care provider before attempting any change in your diet.

1. Juice Fasting or Cleansing - A juice fast/cleanse is a quick and simple way to drop a few pounds and get you accustomed to eating less. A decent juice fast plan should last no longer than 3 days. You should also be allowed to eat when you're hungry. The food should consist of vegetables and/or plain broth. You can reduce the costs by investing in your own juicer and juicing your own fruits and vegetables.

2. Eat Only Vegetables - Unlike a juice fast, you can take the all vegetable approach and do it for longer than 3 days. This plan consists of eating all vegetables and nothing else for a week or so. You should drop several pounds if not more. If you don't like vegetables, this may not work in your favor. Yet, the results you are after may outweigh the dislike for vegetables.

3. Herbal Detox - Many people detox their bodies as a way to do an internal cleanse. A detox is said to help remove toxins as well as help shed excess weight. An herbal detox can last for a week or longer, however, food is allowed (depending on the plan you follow) such as salads with light dressing like a vinaigrette. This type of cleanse can help lose up to 25 pounds in some instances.

Keep in mind that the above methods are short-term only. Increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption through juicing on a regular basis can be a long-term health benefit.

Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

How To Lose Weight Eating What You Love - Comfort Food Diet

Here's a simple way to lose weight eating what you love (comfort foods). If you want to diet and lose weight, but struggle with the idea that you will have to sacrifice all of the foods that you love, here are some dieting tips for women that will help you to lose weight eating comfort foods.

How To Lose Weight Eating What You Love - Comfort Food Diet

Diet Tip #1: Eat 10 grams of fiber before major meals. Instead of changing the meals that you want to eat, just eat (or drink) 7-10 grams of fiber before every major meal. This will curb hunger a bit and keep you from over eating on comfort foods.

Diet Tip #2: Just add protein. Eat a bit of protein with every meal. You don't have to change your meal, just add a little protein to every major meal that you are already eating. This will increase the amount of calories that you burn after every meal and it will help you to increase your metabolism in which you will burn more calories naturally.

Diet Tip #3: Do 3 interval circuit workouts per week. Find four exercises that you can rotate doing that will build lean muscle. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, then switch to the next exercise. Have at least four exercises in the circuit and go for a total of 10 minutes. Do each exercise non-stop for the 30 seconds. This also will help you to burn more calories, build lean muscle, an increase your natural fat burning metabolism so that you can enjoy more of the comfort foods that you love without having to worry about getting fat or gaining weight.

Diet Tip #4: Eat what you love. Start eating what you love. Here's the key though, learn to eat in moderation and to listen to your body when it is asking you for a certain type of food or to stop eating all together. You have to have the discipline to not finish you plate at times.

If you can do this, then you can use the comfort food diet to lose weight and be happy. The comfort food diet is a very low stress way to live, but it is only effective if you really listen to your body and make adjustments based on weekly results. Your body knows what it needs, and if you are listening good, you can give it to it. This can be a dangerous diet to if you don't have self control.

Now that you know how to lose weight eating what you love, you can enjoy your comfort foods and still be successful at losing weight fast.

If you think that it's to difficult to imagine getting rid of cellulite, think again. It really is not. There is a formula and exact steps that you must take to help you though.

Kamis, 05 Oktober 2017

Soup Diet Tips - What Benefits Do I Get From The Soup Diet?

Weight loss is something that many people shove aside. Many excuses have been made to avoid it as well. The young and old alike try to avoid it all the time because they are overwhelmed by the amount of energy they are required to exert. This is also the reason why many people choose to go on diets as well. Sadly, many fail to do it the right way and end up under eating and starving themselves. Diets have always been one of the most popular weight loss methods known to man and the most common of all the common is the Cabbage Soup Diet.

This diet regimen requires you to eat only a small amount of vegetables and broth, which is why it is only advised for 7 days. Its goal is to help you get rid of all unnecessary and harmful toxins in your body by means of its high fiber content. However, you must still eat other fruits and veggies with it because technically, all you are consuming is liquid and a few vegetables. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables will boost the fiber intake and even hasten your weight loss.

There are several reasons why the soup diet is a program that is worth a shot. With a promise that it will help you lose weight in a matter of seven days, you will be able to fit into all of your old clothes in your closet. Another reason why losing weight with the soup diet is ideal is because it greatly promotes longevity and being healthy.

Physical activities will be fairly easier to accomplish. You'll be able to climb stairs without becoming breathless you'll be able to exercise longer and get more things done. Being fit and healthy doesn't only affect us physically. We also feel good about ourselves because we know we feel relaxed and gain more confidence. Always remember, what we feel inside reflects on the outside. Just imagine how young you would start to look if you feel completely rejuvenated inside!

You would have to agree with me if I said that weight loss now sounds more interesting with the knowledge of the things we can do by faithfully following it! Keep in mind that we only achieve what we desire if we work hard for it. Have a go at the soup diet recipe and see what kind of results you get!

Kamis, 28 September 2017

Controversies and Misconceptions About the Atkins Diet for Weight Loss

In 1963, at a weight of 224 pounds, Robert Atkins was sick and overweight. Years of stress, work load, and poor eating habits had taken their toll. As an American physician and cardiologist, he knew that he needed to lose weight to become healthier. Little did he know that the weight-loss diet he implemented would drastically change how we think about nutrition. His high-fat diet rocked the conventional notions that low-fat foods were required for weight loss and proper health. Even today, this controversial diet continues to fight against misconceptions and criticism despite helping millions of people to lose weight.

Emerging in an era of low-fat promotion for healthy snacks, the Atkins Diet faced stiff competition. Years of scientific research (mostly directed by biased nutritionists and funded by agricultural interests) showed that high-cholesterol diets could increase the risk of heart disease. The findings prompted press releases advising people to eat less animal products and avoid fats. Due to the controversial nature of the Atkins Diet, serious research into low-carb diets has only recently been conducted. Ironically, more and more studies are demonstrating that high-fat diets actually reduce the risk of heart disease. Sadly, studies with these conclusions do not receive as much attention as those which highlight high-carb diets. In addition, the grain-based food industry is much more likely to fund studies that hypothesize the superiority of high-carb diets, helping to perpetuate the myth.

A series of studies in the mid-2000s showed that the Atkins Diet helped overweight patients lose weight as fast as or faster than individuals on the Ornish, Weight Watchers, Zone, or other diets. Undeterred, opponents of the Atkins Diet stated that the weight loss resulted from reduced food energy, not the lack of carbohydrates. Other critics claimed that the Atkins Diet still increased the risk of cardiovascular disorders because of the high cholesterol consumption (despite the research which suggested otherwise). As if that was not enough misinformation, promoters of other diets asserted that the Atkins Diet was 80% more expensive than the average American food budget. This figure was calculated by including recipes listed in an Atkins nutrition cookbook that contained high-cost ingredients, such as lobster tails (which were added to the cookbook to demonstrate the variety of potential foods on the diet).

Senin, 04 September 2017

Follow the Best Bodybuilding Diet Plans Before and After Your Workout Sessions

There is no shortage of bodybuilding diet plans in this world when you are looking to get into shape. The best bodybuilding diet plan should emphasize more on the carbohydrates and proteins and not saturated fats and sugary foods. Proteins will certainly help you in building your muscles. Given that you've taken up a regular exercise routine, your diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, animal proteins, and healthy fats.

Since everybody has a different body composition and fitness level, it is first necessary to take a BMI reading to determine how many calories you need to consume per day. There are plenty of BMI calculators that you can find online by simply typing it into Google or Bing. This is the fist step in order to estimate the average diet amount that you will need to successfully build muscle and shed fat.

Here are some basic pointers for before and after you workout. Since you are just starting out, it is important to understand that your body will undergo major changes and adjustments to any workout you choose to follow are not only common, but necessary.

Just before the workout session:

    You should see that the meal you take is very low in fats and fibers. The diet should contain proteins and complex carbohydrates. Don't eat any saturated or unsaturated fats, doing so may tap your energy and make you feel bloated.

    You should eat your meal about 1-2 hours before you workout. You should always give your body time to digest your meal so you should eat your meal about 1-2 hours before you workout.

    You should base the amount of protein you consume on your body weight. As a general short cut to measuring, take about half the amount of protein you would normally consume post workout. Some popular choices would be skim milk, protein bars, and a cup of fruit, low-fat milk, some grams of yogurt and protein shakes. You can also consume an intra workout supplement that consist of BCAA's and Glutamine to help fight fatigue to help keep you going in the gym.

After your workout:

    You should consume the most amount of protein per day during the first hour after you finish working out. Your muscles are depleted at this point and your body's need for nutrients is at its peak so capitalize on this moment to maximize muscle growth.

    Depending on the body weight, you should consume carbohydrates in the ratio of one gram of carbohydrate to each one pound of the body weight. If you workout for longer than 2 hours you should increase this amount.

    Consuming simple carbohydrates prior to or during your protein shake is a bodybuilding trick that is used by many that spikes your insulin levels to stop catabolization. You can eat a handful of gummy bears, add a few table spoons of sugar to your protein, honey, or other things as well. This is the only time in the day where you can get away with eating otherwise, bad food choices during the day.

The role of the personal fitness training and bodybuilding expert is also considered very important today. He or she can not only take accurate measures of your physical statistics, but they can also record and analyze your fitness and strength levels. Once this information is recorded, they can draw up the best bodybuilding diet plan for your specific needs. You will have to follow the expert's or trainer's advice all the way if you are willing to build the perfect body.